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10X Tour de France competitor and Olympic silver medallist Axel Merckx trains at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc in Kelowna, BC for their expertise and to help him stay pain-free and well-balanced. He appreciates the knowledgeable, supportive coaches and the family atmosphere at Okanagan Peak Perfomance.

Brenda Elmore chooses Okanagan Peak Performance Inc in Kelowna, BC for her strength training. She trains for skiing, hiking, cycling and to keep up with her grandkids. She appreciates the supervision and accountability that come with the coaching at OPP.

Bruce Morris recognized his father's health issues and this serves as motivation for him to train at OPP. His golf has gotten much better (he now shoots in the 70s) as a result of the coaching at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc.

Derek Retzloff trains at Okanagan Peak Performance to get stronger and healthier. He was born with a leg condition and has had multiple surgeries which limited what he could do. He has increased his strength and mobility and likes that the coaches know what he is capable of even before he is. He loves training at OPP, gets excited and has fun when he meets a coach for training.

Elizabeth Crowe loves training at Okanagan Peak Performance. She is a 'seasoned senior' that got started training after a knee replacement surgery but now trains to age gracefully and strongly. She trains for herself, to feel good and to be strong. Elizabeth likes the family atmosphere at OPP, how everyone is friendly, supportive and they all work together. Coming to OPP makes her feel good.

Emily Epp swam the English Channel at 17 in under 12 hours. After this accomplishment she wasn't sure where to focus her physical and athletic efforts. Her sister was training at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc and recommended it to her. Her coaches helped her redefine her athletic identity and she now trains for powerlifting. She says it's not just a gym for athletes though as OPP is a positive community where everyone is happy, welcoming and knows your name.

Jeremy Kamoschinski is a husband, father of three and a business owner. He doesn't have the time to Google fitness training, research various apps and figure out what to do. He comes to Okanagan Peak Performance as he needs a body that allows him to keep up with his kids, go for a run, catch a ball, jump on a mountain or dirt bike and ski at Big White. He loves that as a result of his training he can do a hard day of skiing at the hill and still have lots of energy and feel great later.

Jim McKitrick wants to be able to do anything physical, at any time, so he chooses Okanagan Peak Performance for his fitness coaching. An avid golfer, snowboarder and cyclist, Jim has found that nothing holds him back since he started at OPP. His mobility, strength and athleticism have never been better. He appreciates the checks and balances of the system follow by the coaches to ensure he is progressing and not getting lost. He would recommend OPP for anyone that is serious about their health and fitness, and appreciate a step by step analytical approach.

Josh Zakala won bronze at the junior Pan Pac swimming championships and was 13th at the junior world open water swimming 5 km. Now that his goals have shifted from swimming to general health and fitness he chooses Okanagan Peak Performance Inc for his fitness training. Josh is drawn to the culture at OPP as everyone knows each other, they are all super supportive, they have have fun and train to uplifting music. He finds the coaches are great as they will help you with goal setting, ensure you are on-track with your training and would recommend OPP to anyone.

At 75 years young, Judy Abel keeps a busy schedule. She golfs, cycles and has a one year old puppy. She noticed that since she started training at OPP she no longer has stiff and painful joints. She appreciates the diverse populations that train at OPP from Olympians, to those seeking weight loss or relief of painful joints. Judy loves the friendly atmosphere and her coach at OPP and sees it as a place where she belongs.

Kierra Smith was 7th at the 2016 Olympics in Rio and is representing Canada a second time in swimming at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. To prepare for the Olympics, Kierra trains at Okanagan Peak Performance. She trains to improve her strength and power and chooses OPP because "all the swimmers train here". Even though she has a complete home gym she opts for OPP because of the community. She finds it very social, comfortable and easy to make friends. After graduating from the University of Minnesota she was missing the team aspect of training. At OPP Kierra feels she has found that again and this is special to her.

Susanne Zimmerman is a former dancer and equestrian rider. She trains at Okanagan Peak Performance to develop core stability, strength and fitness. As a result of her ongoing commitment to training at OPP, she no longer has a need for regular chiropractic appointments. She's fitter than she's been for a while and says OPP is a like a family. Everyone is welcoming, the coaches are knowledgeable and there is quality to everything they do. All levels of fitness and ability train at OPP and this is the perfect gym for her.