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Our Story

At Okanagan Peak Performance Inc we believe exercise makes you feel better. And not just better, but happier. While it’s fun to see clients get leaner, stronger and fitter this doesn’t compare to the impact fitness has on their lives outside of the gym. The once marginal, easily distracted student is now able to focus and makes it on the honour roll. The burned out salesperson questioning their career choice achieves new sales records and provides solutions to many. And the athlete that was always the last cut is now making it to the next level, is making an impact and longevity in their sport.

Regardless of whether you want to play, look or feel better the end goal is similar. And that is to be happy. Our mission is to deliver as many fitness solutions as possible so that we live beside happy neighbours, our kids have happy teachers, we support happy business owners and the ones we care for are happy. Okanagan Peak Performance Inc is here to make Kelowna the happiest community possible.

Why Okanagan Peak Performance?

There are a number of unique features of OPP compared to many other fitness and training facilities in Kelowna. Okanagan Peak Performance Inc is the only gym that:

  • Sits on a college advisory board 

  • Sits on the board of the National Strength & Condition Association (BC)

  • Hosts an international sports science conference 

  • Has multiple coaches with graduate degrees 

  • Has multiple coaches present internationally 

  • Has multiple coaches with articles published in the scientific journals